Friday, June 30, 2006

230 Years of Independence

I love the Fourth of July. I love the fireworks, the grilling, all the flags and patriotic decorations. But my favorite thing about this holiday is that it doesn't matter what religion you are, where you stand politically, or how you think about the current conflict...if you are an American citizen you celebrate!

There is something special about being in a military town for July 4th. It's already a bit more patriotic than your average town, but everyone's yard seems a little tidier, flags are flown so proudly (often with a yellow ribbon), almost the entire base has a long weekend (called a 96), and the fireworks are incredible. I mean, who can do better fireworks than the military? They blow stuff up for a living, but for this day, they do it for entertainment only!

There will be a very important person absent from our celebrations this year, which gives this holiday even more meaning for me. For 230 years, our military has protected our country and it's citizens, giving us a wonderful place to live, be free, and express our thoughts. America is not without it's faults, but that's what so great...we can freely say that! I will be missing Ian a lot when Jack and I are watching the fireworks (with Ian's older sister)...but am grateful for his service, and the service of all the past and present Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers. Their service has preserved our freedoms. Thank you, Ian, and all you brave men and women.


ian said...

Thanks sweetie, I love you too and will miss both you guys.


ian said...
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Anonymous said...

Cynthia, you are wonderful, with such a positive attitude! Yes, we will be celebrating this 4th with a day off to remember our great service men and women. We are very proud of Ian and what he is doing to preserve freedom. Wait till you see the picture we send you next week! Love you both.
Dad & Mom