Monday, June 19, 2006

Boxes of Love

I love sending care packages to Ian, it's fun to load up a box with goodies, messages, and pictures then send it across the world to my Sweetie. When Ian was in Iraq, I sent a package that included a bunch of pudding in a tube, kind of like a Freezee-Pop. When the box got to Ian, the pudding was cold from being frozen on the plane. He said the cold pudding lasted about 20 minutes. Not because it melted in the oven-temperature heat, but because it was COLD pudding! Ian and any Marine within smelling distance gobbled it right up!

I remember when I was shopping for that care package, I saw the pudding and thought, "Pudding in a tube...hmmm...I think Ian might like that." Who knew it would arrive cold and be such a hit? After that, I've tried to get a little creative with the packages...once I sent him decorations from a birthday party of a friend's daughter. Ian hung the decorations (pink streamers and all) on his tent and took a picture. I'm pretty sure that he took them down right away, but he got to be there for the party! Now with the Daddy Doll, he won't miss a single second!

Need ideas for a care package?
  • Beef Jerky (or Turkey Jerky...any flavor is fine)
  • Peanuts/Mixed Nuts
  • Trail Mix
  • Chips in a tall can (like Pringles)
  • Twizzlers
  • Other snack food that can tolerate a bit of heat in shipping
  • Paper back books (sci-fi, military, Tom Clancy type (he's read all of Tom's books), Terry Brooks)...Note: these don't need to be new, old ones lying around the house are fine
  • Puzzle books with crosswords, Sudoku, etc.
  • Any other goodies that you think are fun!

Sometimes I'll send small toys or games, silly stuff! Something that can entertain him for a bit! Don't worry about sending too much or too little. The guys share their care packages, especially with guys who don't get many. If you send it, it will be used...or eaten!


ian said...

thanks for the suggestions. I LOVE YOU...YOU'RE THE BEST

Ilene said...

Hi, I was trying to find pudding in a tube to send to Iraq also. Hunts no longer makes it. Do you know if there is another company that does? Thanks so much, Ilene

Cynthia said...

Ilene, Hunts is the only company that I had seen make the tubes of pudding. Pudding cups would probably work too!