Friday, June 16, 2006

My Sleeping Child

When we got Jack's referral pictures, he was asleep in them. That is how I saw him for the 3 months from the time we got the referral until we met him. For those 3 months I wondered what his eyes looked like...can you see a smile in them before it starts? Do they hide a secret?

The first few days we had Jack in Korea, he slept a lot. Which was probably good since Ian and I were brand new parents. We would sit by his crib and watch him sleep, and Jack would sleep in the same position as his referral picture, with his tiny hand half curled up.

Jack has been home for just over a year, and I know that Jack's eyes do smile, all the time! And there is a bit of mischief in them too. But whenever he is sleeping, it reminds me of those 2 pictures. That's when I know it's real...he is really my son, my sleeping child.

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