Monday, June 05, 2006

Traveling with a Toddler

Whoever invented the DVD player is a genius. Whoever invented DVD players for the car is a genius with kids. There is no way that this trip to Michigan would have been possible with out it. I know my parents would drive me and my brother on long car trips and we did fine without the DVD player, but I am sure by the time we arrived, my parents wanted to pull out all their hair. Technology is so great.


Linda said...

Hey Cynthia,

While I do understand this is the 21st century, be sure to have a pile of books in the car for Jack to read when you're driving around. Laura and Christen almost always had their noses in books. For a while we wondered if they would ever see the world. I guess we needn't have worried, eh?

Aunt Lin

Cynthia said...

I have a small stack of books in the car, but Jack likes to eat them when I'm not looking. Silly kid!