Wednesday, August 02, 2006

2 Months Down

In about 4 months Ian will be home. That still seems so far away. It's a thousand degrees outside and he won't be home until it's cooler. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the end of this deployment. It's been really hard, I hate crawling into bed at night (see what time I posted this). But having Jack to care for has kept me busy and from thinking about Ian being gone too much. There are times when Jack will ask for Dadda, so we look at pictures, get his Daddy Doll, and talk about how we miss him lots and he'll be right back. And we pray every night for God to keep Daddy safe in Afghanistan, or as Jack says, "Gan-stan."

Another thing that has made the deployment easier is Ian. He's been super sweet with phone calls and sending me sweet notes in the mail. Our 6th anniversary was last Saturday and he sent me a huge bouquet of red roses, a gorgeous potted orchid, and M&Ms. Not just any M&Ms, ones with a personalized message! It felt like Christmas as UPS and Fed Ex delivered the packages. I felt so special, which I am pretty sure was Ian's goal.

So some good things do come out of a deployment...but I'd still rather have my husband home than a million M&Ms.


Prudentone said...

What a wonderful post! Keep up the strong, positive attitude. It is wonderful, that you don't have the stresses of the last deployments.

ian said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your gifts. I wanted to make this anniversary as special as I could while I'm away.