Friday, December 15, 2006

Officially Official!

On December 14th we visited the Department of Defense. Maybe it wasn't really the DoD, it was US Citizenship and Immigration Services, but DoD is more fun to say! Jack received his Certificate of Citizenship during this visit. I was hoping for some sort of ceremony or something, but we got none. This is also the very last document related to his adoption to be completed. It took us 2 years and 9 months start to finish for all the paperwork (we filed the very first form, the I-600A, in March 2004).

It's nice to be all done with the paperwork, there is an incredible amount for adoption! (I think you have to fill out equal number of pounds of paperwork to your child's weight.) And we are done with all the fees to the USCIS (for Jack's adoption anyway), and done waiting to find out if something was written incorrectly and for confirmation of receipt.

So Jack is an offical US citizen in his American name. He will be able to vote and we can get him a US passport. And he now has proof of his citizenship status in the Sweet Land of Liberty. Congratulations, Jack!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Yesterday we went on base to get our flu shots. When we got to the Exchange, there was a big truck on the sidewalk. Jack was very excited about it, especially when I told him we got to go inside. Little did my sweet boy know, it was the portable flu-shot station. When I sat Jack on the table for his shot, I told him we would get ice cream as soon as we were done. He cried for just a second after his shot, and the sucker the nurse gave him helped more than Mommy kisses.

Jack watched wide-eyed as I got my shot and Band Aid, and reminded me about the ice cream as soon as we left the truck. We went down to the Ben & Jerry's (which is owned by a friend of mine) and shared a small bowl of frozen yogurt (after throwing out his sucker)...I love that Jack is still young enough that he doesn't know the difference! As we were eating he kept clasping his chubby hands together and would say, "Brrrr!" Then he would crack up laughing and giggling so hard. He did this many times, and I laughed right along. The Marine at the table next to us was trying to enjoy a cup of coffee with his newspaper, but he too started chuckling along with Jack.

Nothing like seeing a big, tough Marine in uniform giggling along with a toddler!