Monday, January 22, 2007

Having your very own personal cheerleader...

...can be a good thing. She will cheer you up when you are getting ready to have a fourth surgery. She will remind you that everything is going to turn out okay, "because you are too stubborn to die." And then she asks you to run a marathon with her, "Let's do it, it'll be so much fun!" And you say yes, because at the time you were temporarily insane. Or maybe you were too focused on getting your husband home from Afghanistan and the pending surgery to know what you were agreeing to do. Or maybe it was because you were delirious from the pain medication after surgery.

Whatever the reason, you agreed...and she remembered. And reminded you. You try to back out, "I have an old running injury that prevents me from running ever again." Or you try, "I'm a big sissy, huge." But it doesn't work, nothing works. She's a cheerleader, a perky and persistent cheerleader. And she dubbed herself as your cheerleader, and then it begins. The brainwashing. And doesn't stop until any recollection of you not wanting to run is gone. And most of your memories of actual pain were brainwashed away too, because you need to not feel pain to run a marathon. But through all the brainwashing she is as perky as a cheerleader, because that's what she is. Remember, she's your cheerleader. And she continues to remind you, "It'll be fun!"

So yes, I think I've been brainwashed by my friend Beckie. There's this marathon you see, at Disney World in January 2008. And she thinks it'll be fun, and now so do I. It seems likely I won't be getting out of this brainwashing anytime soon, because now I have been looking for information about training for a marathon! And Beckie and I want to raise money for a good cause. You guessed it, for LAF. So I guess I'll start my training soon, unless another brainwashing session comes along and I'm going to be doing a triathlon...NO, Beckie!


genderist said...

That's so awesome! I'm so excited for you!! It'll be so much fun!!!!!!!!

The Hater and I can't give much, but put us down for the sponsorship list!! I'd love to support you.

Chris, Beckie, Garrett, and Elena said...


Brainwashing is good. Brainwashing is helpful. And "it's fun!"


Remind me that I started us on this path when we are in the middle of a long run, and I just want to crawl to Cold Stone to forget!

Prudentone said...

Way to go! Count us in, for support that running! There isn't enough brainwashing in the world to get me to run.

What is the actual date, maybe we will come to watch. Will you need a place to stay?

Hunca Munca said...

Just want to say - great blog! I've been enjoying it.

Hope your marathon dreams come true. I'm happy to sign on as a sponsor - keep us updated!