Saturday, January 27, 2007

You can't handle the truth!

There are about a thousand things that I love about the Lance Armstrong Foundation. One of them is that they are all about truth. They tell you the hard stuff. You need to hear the hard stuff. The Survivor Notebook that you can receive from LAF, is full of information and helpful tools to get you through your fight. It's about the truth, and the hard getting your affairs in order, obtaining a living will and health care directive, and organizing your health care information. Oh, did I mention it's free? You just pay to cover the cost of shipping. A good deal for such an outstanding tool. When you become a survivor, you are faced with your own mortality; and LAF can help you face the truths.

Lance Armstrong isn't afraid of the truth, he'll tell you how it is. On his blog, he talks about how cancer was not addressed during the State of the Union. As Ian and I half-watched the State of the Union, I noted that cancer wasn't mentioned. And I was a bit heartbroken. So many Americans die from cancer everyday, and while the death rates are decreasing, it is not enough. Remember, a 9/11 happens in the cancer world every 2 days. As Lance asks on his blog:
How long will we have to wait until our elected officials show us that a disease that kills one American, every minute of every day is one of their top priorities?

How long...until entire cities are taken away by cancer everyday? I sometimes feel like a hypocrite, being a Marine wife maybe I should be standing up against the war. But the fact is, I know more people who have been affected by a cancer related death than a war related death. I am pretty sure most Americans can say that. I wish I had a bigger voice, then maybe I could get it through Congress' head that cancer needs to be addressed now. I am grateful that Lance and LAF are about the truth, and their voice is bigger than mine. I won't stop advocating, I wont' stop writing to my Congressman and Senators, and I won't stop standing up for more financial support for cancer research. I think LAF said it best in their response to the State of the Union:
We believe this is not how you treat a disease that is expected to kill 560,000 Americans this year.


prudentone said...

We are so proud of what you are doing for the cancer plague. You have picked a worthy cause; one that you can impact and are making a worthy difference. Be encouraged and keep up the fight!

Hunca Munca said...

Lots of good points here. You go girl!

It's interesting that the biggest killers in the world are never considered "news." Like cancer, malaria kills unbelievable numbers of people, and is very treatable. Yet the political will to end it is just not there.

Anyway - keep advocating! It's never too late.

Hunca Munca said...

Since you asked - check out Malaria kills a million people a year. Just because they don't live in the US doesn't mean we shouldn't care, right?

Whether it's cancer, AIDS, malaria, poverty, war, human rights abuses, or whatever - together we can find solutions!

Keep advocating sista! You never know how your efforts will affect someone else's life.