Friday, February 09, 2007

They got the boot

I enjoy reading magazines for parents, they usually have good tips in them and I like hearing that other parents are having the same challenges that I am. They aren't all adoption friendly however. Today I called and cancelled one of my subscriptions then promptly wrote a letter to the editor:
Dear Editor:
After receiving and browsing through my March 2007 issue of Parenting, I promptly called to cancel my subscription (which ends in October). The question asked for the "Mom Debate" was bad enough, "Should single people be allowed to adopt?" I'm pretty sure you will never ask if single people should be allowed to raise children or give birth to a child, because later in the issue you have an article about being a single parent ("Single dad, efficient parent"). So why ask this one? I understand your desire to have a subject that will start discussion and thought, but this crosses the line. And then I read the responses to the question, I was appalled.

I called to cancel my subscription immediately after reading the responses you printed, that were even worse than the question. Raising a child can be easier with two parents, but I know plenty of "stable, happy contributors to society", as one reader responded, who were raised in a single parent family, many of whom were adopted. The response that was the worse, however: " 'Why would you want to start a child out with one less person caring for him? An adopted child already feels subconsciously cheated and rejected- why add to that?' Jill Mitchell, Simi Valley, CA". A child who was brought into a family through adoption does not make them automatically feel cheated and rejected. Are there challenges that come with building your family through adoption? Yes, but adoption does NOT equal what this reader responded.

The fact that you printed that response shows that you truly gave no thought to the adoptive family. It is thoughtless and inconsiderate of Parenting to print such an ignorant remark.

I'm still pretty fired up about it. The other responses for the "no" side were not much better. I urge you to cancel your subscription too...who knows what will be next from them, asking if military couples should be allowed to have kids because of the frequent deployments? Whatever.


genderist said...

Ew. That is pretty shotty. I know adoptive families with adult children who are very well rounded, productive individuals. Just reading your post makes me not want to EVER order that magazine. Blah.

I hate haters in general. (except for mine, which is different because he's only superficially a hater)

Hunca Munca said...

I love the point you made: would they ever invite readers to respond to the question "Should single people be allowed to give birth?" Or "Should singles be allowed to raise children?"

I happen to have a subscription to this magazine - I'll be cancelling mine too. Thanks for calling my attention to this - hadn't looked at this month's issue yet.