Saturday, March 03, 2007

Going, going, gone!

One good thing about the military is that they help you weed out all your bad furniture and get you to Spring clean out of season. The upcoming move has gotten me to start cleaning out my closets and evaluate the usefulness of our belongings. When we left Charlotte I remember giving away several boxes of things and having a huge trash pile when the movers came. Since living on the coast, we have been in 2 apartments and our current house. The local moves got me to clear out a little, but nothing compared to what is taking place right now. I am clearing out practically anything that isn't sitting still. So now I have entered into the world of being an eBay seller. I listed 22 items the other day, I have lots of scrapbooking materials listed and several retired Longaberger baskets and liners, and it has been exciting to see what happens on this side.

I've been a buyer for almost 4 years (my feedback is 100% positive!) and love swooping in at the last minute, or last 30 seconds, to snatch up an item. The only bad thing about doing that is you sometimes don't have another chance to put in a higher bid if you don't bid high enough. The last 3 or 4 transactions I have done though have not been the "swooping in" kind. I have placed my bid and checked back later to see what the status is. Unless it's Jack's naptime there isn't really another way for me to do it. There have been a few items where I have had Jack help me so I could win them.

As a eBay Seller you get to see if people are watching your item. And I have loved checking my listings to see if they have gotten any more bids and how high they are up to. I did 7 day listings so I'd have next weekend to package things up and get them out; but I think next time I will do 5 day listings. It will shorten the anticipation for me. Of the 22 items, 5 so far have bids, so I know they will sell...cha-ching!

Ian's pretty excited that I am cleaning out, but I think he's a little fearful. Sometimes I will walk around the house looking for items we we haven't used in a while. So far I haven't listed anything that belongs to him. I won't ever list his swords or tools without approval, but I'm pretty certain that he keeps moving around so he doesn't end up on eBay too!


prudentone said...

Wow, I want to know how your ebay experience works out...the details. As you know we have a house full that could go. We'll watch for Ian showing up on the he's yours to keep, no buy backs!

E.M. Herbert said...

Thanks for the link to my blog! I noticed I was getting hits from yours so I thought I'd check it out. I'm an army brat myself, so I can relate to cleaning house by moving every year or so. Also, excellent letter to the editor. As a single person who has considered adoption, I couldn't agree more. Many blessings to you!