Saturday, March 17, 2007

The joy of childhood

Jack has finally been introduced to the fun of the garden hose! Remember as a kid you would spend hours running through the sprinkler int he summer? Your feet would get all grassy and you'd almost wear a path in the grass from all the running. If you were lucky, someone on your block had a good hill and a Slip-n-Slide. That was the best.
So the other day it was 80 degrees and I was potting some plants and cleaning up our yard. Jack decided to stick his head in the "rain" and laughed and laughed. Then we walked through it. He was having too much fun I couldn't stop him! "Rain! Wet!" he'd exclaim through the shivers. I asked him if he was cold and he'd feep wanting to plain in the rain. We finally did stop him when his legs were shaking from shivering. After I got him all wrapped up in a towel, he said, "Oh, warm."


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! I wish I was there to see Jack playing in the water. If he did that here he'd freeze. It's sunny today, thank goodness, but still COLD.


genderist said...

That picture is absolutely priceless. What a wonderful memory!!