Friday, April 06, 2007

Baby James

If you haven't noticed yet, cancer and Korean adoption are 2 big parts of my life. They are each in their own little compartments and rarely collide. Cancer was one of the things that lead me and Ian to adoption, but for the most part they don't interact with one another.

Through an adoption forum I met a mother who has the same big parts of her life, but they collided. Her sweet baby boy was diagnosed with cancer less than 2 months after arriving home from Korea. James wasn't sleeping well through the night and her Momma Radar knew something wasn't right. He was diagnosed with Wilms tumors on both of his kidneys. They recently received news that James' cancer has metastasized. Uhg. Please keep this family in your prayers, and pray for God's healing in James' body.

I really didn't need another reason to be all fired up to go to DC, but this is doing the job! A cure has got to be found. I beg you to please write your Senators and Representative. Lets put an end to cancer: It could save your life. It could save Baby James.

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Hunca Munca said...

How heartbreaking to hear the latest news on Baby James. I'll be thinking of him and you when you go to DC.