Monday, April 02, 2007

Finally, a good article

I haven't ever written about Angelina Jolie's adoptions, mainly because I have never read a story that portrayed them in a good way. I am not particularly fond of her, but she has done great things in the world for children of all nations. It seems each time she adds a new child to her family she gets more and more heat. I don't envy I wish I had her money so I could complete more adoptions with less stress? Yes. But I don't envy how public her life is. Yes, she chose it, but her adoptions have not been private and they have been shredded to find bribes and such. The "real" newspapers don't print the good stuff about her adoptions, but the Rainbow Kids website did: Angelina Jolie's Adoption.

I was glad to finally read something positive about Pax joining the Jolie-Pitt crew. I admit, I was very skeptical about her recent adoption. It was all very hush-hush and it was hard to find out more information about it (like what agency she used, when they really started the process, did she actually pick a child or was he referred?), but I tried my best to give her the benefit of the doubt; that she'd use her celebrity status for good instead of evil. But the press hasn't been so kind. They don't think about how hurtful those nasty words they printed can be to the child...they just want to print some dirt on Angelina. Shame on them: adoption is about the child. They want to rip apart the child's new family and life, "it won't be normal."

Well, guess what. My son isn't going to have a so-called normal life either. There aren't too many "normal" families out there whose Dad leaves for 6, 7, 8, or even 12 months at a time (in a military town that is a completely different story, but less than 1% of the American population serves in the military). Most families don't uproot every 3 years and move cross-country or to another country. But we do, and that is our normal. And as the article said:

I know of lots of normal and not-so-normal people who are to be admired. But the ones I respect most, all seem to have the same name and title:



Hunca Munca said...

Thanks - that was a good article. It's about time we saw a more balanced and thoughtful perspective on adoption, especially one that actually takes into account Jolie's identity as "Mom." Pax may not have a "normal" life, but he now has something he didn't before: a mother committed to loving and raising him.

E.M. Herbert said...

Your son may not have a "normal" life on account of being a military brat, but that may turn out to be a blessing. It was for me. I'm convinced that one of the reasons I'm happy with my life today is that I was born and raised an army brat. Early years in Ohio, New York, and Kansas, kindergarten and 1st grade in Kentucky, 2nd-4th grades in New York, 4th-6th grades in Hawaii, 7th grade in Louisiana, 8th grade in Pennsylvania, 9th grade in Germany, and 10th-12th grades in Virginia--I had never lived anywhere for three whole years until I was out of university and working. I'm thankful for my abnormal childhood. It taught me that the world is a very big place but that it's possible to be at home just about anywhere in it. I wish the same blessing for your son.

Mommavia said...

Glad to hear all that traveling has lead you to good things! And that's exactly what we are trying to teach him...the world is bigger than us and home is where ever the Marine Corps sends us!