Saturday, May 26, 2007

Baby James Again

In an earlier post, I wrote about a sweet baby who is battling cancer. My heart has been heavy since reading the most recent post on Baby James, his prognosis isn't looking so well. But miracles can happen, I believe they can happen, I believe one happened to me. I am calling out to all who read this to pray, chant, cross your fingers, do whatever you do to get that miracle to happen. And spread the word to get even more prayers and thoughts coming his way.

What keeps running through my head is how unfair it is. James is just 1 year old and is fighting a battle that no one should ever have to face. He was home for just a couple months when the cancer was discovered; not that anyone is prepared for this disease, but I am fairly certain it was the last thing from his parents' minds when they brought him home from Korea. This wonderful couple who were building their family got the shock of their life and instead of planning for a big vacation with their children, must now analyze their finances to pay for treatments. And there is no cure in sight.

And that is what cancer does. It tears your life into little pieces and throws it on the floor. Then you are responsible for putting it back together. You have to sort through the pieces and find what is left of your dignity and body. If you are lucky, you were able to hold onto your hope through the trauma. Cancer doesn't care who you are, it doesn't care how much money you have, whether or not you have insurance, how old you are, what you look like. It just doesn't care, it doesn't discriminate. Cancer affects everyone. No one is safe.

So let's get our act together and stand up together against this disease. Do it for yourself, do it for Baby James. If we unite against this disease then a cure can be found. And hopefully it can be found sooner rather than later.

Please visit to find out more way to get involved and to write to your Senators and Congress-person.

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prudentone said...

That is so sad. Well written article. We will pray for baby James and his family.