Friday, June 08, 2007

California or Bust!

The next several days will bring us across 12 states as we head west. We left North Carolina on Thursday morning heading west, but first we had one of the busiest weeks.

Ian was promoted on Friday to Staff Sergeant! He asked me and a friend of his (who was promoted right after Ian) to pin him on, I am very honored that Ian asked me. The Colonel said I was allow to pound the insignia into his chest, an old Marine Corps ritual that is now considered hazing, so I felt I should since the Colonel said to! Congrats to my Hero, I am so proud of you!

We had a cookout with friends Saturday to celebrate Ian's promotion and Jack's 2nd Gotcha Day which was Sunday. Sunday we spent the day together and Jack opened his presents, a motorized Cranky for his Thomas trains! He had great fun playing with it, and we cooked out again with our first friends in Jacksonville, Tina, Hal, and their girls. All day Sunday I had Jack's Korean parents on my heart, and wished that they could too experience this delightful child that we share.

Monday and Tuesday was a flurry of boxes, packing, moving, and contractors working on the house. I was very glad that I had very little to pack myself! I was also glad that Ian and I had planned to have a day between the movers and when we left to do what we needed to get done. It was nice to have a little more time with friends and not feel rushed to get out of the house as soon as the movers did. As we headed out on Thursday morning, we took one last picture of the house. It was hard to leave the house that we brought Jack home to, but it is just a house. Our home is where ever the Marine Corps sends us and what we make it.

The drive to Georgia was uneventful, and Jack was quite the trooper! Thursday was our longest day of driving, we have planned every other day to be 7 hours or less. We let Jack watch movies all day...I can't believe I did that...but I was feeling sad and very tired so it was a battle I chose to not have. We arrived in South Carolina happy, my goal. Arriving in Georgia however, did not bring Jack smiles; it was about 5:00 pm, he'd been up for 10 hours without a nap, was hungry, and just wanted to get out of the car. Luckily, I have planned ahead and packed a Rubbermaid tub of toys for Jack. The Magna-Doodle saved the day!


Chris, Beckie, Garrett, and Elena said...

Gonna miss having you nearby for the next several months. Drive safe and can't wait to hear all about sunny southern Cali.

genderist said...

We're getting excited about your Uglyhoma pit stop!!