Sunday, June 03, 2007

His Last Mom

Today is a very special day in our house. Two years ago today, my son was placed in my arms forever...John Seung Joon joined our family. We call it Gotcha Day, some call it Adoption Day or Family Day, but to me Gotcha Day fits: it's the day that we got a son and he got his forever family. We had met him 2 days earlier, but holding him on June 3rd was so different...I knew that I was responsible for this little baby and I am his mommy and he is my son.

For the past week I have been thinking about these events. We left the USA on our Memorial Day and met Jack on June 1, he joined his forever family (us!) on June 3rd (also Granpa L's birthday*), and we left Korea on their Memorial Day. Each holiday holds a special place in my heart. I cried a good portion of the day we left Korea, I was so heartbroken to be taking my child from the beautiful land of his birth, so far away from everything that he has known.

Jack's Korean parents are never far from my mind, but this time of year I think about them a little more. I am so sad they are missing out on this wonderful child that we share, but am hopeful we will be able to meet them one day. Today, though one woman experienced a great loss, I gained a son...a sweet, gentle, handsome son.

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Jack!

*Granpa L is 60 today, happy birthday! But according to Brandon and Emily you are 101.


Chris, Beckie, Garrett, and Elena said...

These reflection posts hit me every time. What a sweet sentiment. Our children are so special -- I think it's fantastic that we celebrate not only the day of their birth, but also the day they were born into our family forever. (Written as I get knee kisses from both my children).

Garrett misses his Muuummmaaaa and Jaaa.

genderist said...

You have all been very blessed.

(and I'm so glad you know it!!)

prudentone said...

Hey, I'm sorry to be so late in catching up on the postings! We gained a wonderful grandson, that is moving so far away (tear!) and such wonderful parents have come to expression.

Hunca Munca said...

Jack is SO cute in that picture. My how he has grown. Congrats to you - I can really identify with your feelings about this special day.