Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ian's Promotion (actually on June 1)

Since LAF commissioned me as a General, I thought it was time to promote Ian! So I didn't actaully get to decide when Ian would be promoted, but I got to help! Ian asked me to pin him on, but it didn't mean anything until Ian's promotion warrant was read and stated that "all junior Marines shall render obedience to proper orders" from him. I chuckled to myself when that was read, it sounds so formal and fan-me-with-palm-fronds-like. It was really neat to be part of this ceremony and a big step in Ian's military career.

A friend of ours, Jim, and I pinned him on, and I was ordered by the Lt. Colonel that I should pound the insignia into his chest. Okay, so I wasn't exactly ordered, but the LtCol said that I could and Ian had said that he'd like me to perform the tradition that is now considered hazing. Because I am not a Marine, it is not hazing if I did it. I wasn't sure at first that I wanted to do that, pounding it in would be that I would essentially be stabbing him. I didn't hit the insignia hard, but just enough so Ian would feel it and LtCol wouldn't yell at me (okay, he wouldn't do that). Ian didn't even flinch, maybe I should have hit them harder. During the whole ceremony, Ian was standing taller that I had ever seen him (and was looking mighty handsome too) and rightfully so, he became a staff noncommissioned officer that day. He gained more important duties, more responsibilities, and a rocker on his collar. He was selected for this promotion by a board of senior Marines in Washington, DC, they felt that he was worthy of this promotion. And I agree.

I am so proud of My Marine. May others always see in you what I always do, an honorable and steady man.



Yay, Ian! Congratulations on your promotion. It's been a long time in coming.

genderist said...

This is fantastic!

Congrats for moving up the military ladder, Ian!!

Dad & Mom said...

Congrats to a wonderful son! and daughter-in-law!!! We are very proud and pleased to have both of you in our family. And Jack too!!!

Cynthia, you get all the fun. Thanks for sharing all these important events in your lives. Hopefully, someday we can be there too.

I take back all of the comment I made at your middle school wrestling match.

From experience, I can truely say that behind every great man is a wonderful woman/wife. Ian, you have one!