Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lance on Hardball TONIGHT

LAF is certainly leading the way to making cancer a national priority and to finding a cure. They aren't letting anything hold them down. Next month is the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum in Iowa, putting the candidates on the spot about cancer. I am planning on going to both days of the forum, I think it'll be interesting to see how the different sides compare. Lane will be on Hardball tonight to discuss the Forum. Tune in! Check for local times.

If you are part of the LIVESTRONG Army, then you already received the email below from Jeff Manning at LAF. If you aren't then Join the Fight!

Every day the LIVESTRONG Army drives further down the field in the fight against cancer. Today, leading presidential candidates confirmed their participation in the historic LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum, and MSNBC and Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball host became the Forum broadcast partner and co-moderator along with Lance Armstrong for the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum.

Tune in to Hardball tonight to hear Lance talk about the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum and the questions Americans will be asking of the next commander-in-chief. Learn more about the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum.

The LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum will be a historic event that puts cancer on the same national stage as other tough questions our country faces. If the candidate are discussing taxes, terrorism and education, they should also be discussing the country’s number one killer of people under 85.

The LAF has extended invitations to all candidates to join this historic LIVESTRONG Presidential Candidate Forum. As of today, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator John Edwards and Gov. Bill Richardson will participate in the the August
27th Democrats LIVESTRONG Presidential Candidate Forum. Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Mike Hukabee and Governor Tommy Thompson will participate in the August 28th Republican LIVESTRONG Presidential Candidate

Tickets to the LIVESTRONG Presidential Forum are free and open to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis. To reserve your tickets today, visit

MSNBC and Chris Matthews’ participation will give the LIVESTRONG Presidential Candidate Forum the public exposure that is critical to making cancer a national priority. Chris Matthews will also be holding live editions of Hardball following the two LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forums in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Whoever wants to be commander-in-chief ought to answer the cancer question. As part of the LIVESTRONG Army, you can make sure candidates know we expect them to care about cancer and will take it seriously in their administration.
Tune in to Hardball tonight and mark your calendars today for the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum—the day we ask the cancer question to the next leader of the United States.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Video: Our Stop in SC

This was taken on our first day of driving for our move...notice how rested Ian is? At least we found a way to entertain Jack and get a little exercise!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adventures in Potty Training

If you have ever tried to teach a child to use a toilet, you know how challenging that can be! We are headed into that adventure in our house. I'm not sure I am ready for it, but Jack has certainly been showing signs...waking up dry for naps, wanting to sit on the potty, and telling us when he's stinky. Part of me is so ready to leave the diapers and move on to the next step, but another part desperately wants to hold onto my baby. Not that I want to be changing poopy diapers for the rest of my life, but I know that Jack is turning into a big boy and I am really starting to see that the baby we brought home 2 years ago is slowly fading away.

Jack has been showing signs for a few months that he is ready to move out of diapers, but I have been putting it off. I felt that it would be useless to have him using the potty is we were going to be putting him in a car for a couple weeks and completely uprooting his life. I figured he'd regress and it'd making the whole process that much longer. It's possible that he would have been fine, but I really didn't have a deep desire for cleaning accidents in the car several times a day. So here we are, mostly settled in our new house and getting ready to tackle this adventure!

Ian and I have been building a potty-training arsenal consisting of books, stickers for a chart, and M&Ms. We have bought several potty-related books, and our favorite is Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi. It's part picture book part biology text. Jack loves it, and I find it entertaining...which is good since I'm reading it several times a day! I also recommend No Potty! Yes Potty! by Emily Bolam. Jack loves telling us that monkeys, bears, and elephants don't sit on the potty, but little boys do! Our stash of M&Ms for rewards has remained untouched thus far. Jack is very eager to get some "chok-lut" and reminds me that if he is successful he needs one; I know it won't be long and I'll be doling out M&Ms several times a day to my almost-big-boy. We put a big blue poster on that wall in the bathroom so Jack can put a sticker on it every time he makes a deposit, it is titled "Jack's Potty Score". My thinking is it will help him see how many times he has gone and will hopefully encourage him to want to add more to the chart. So far the M&Ms have been the bribe, er I mean, reward he has talked about the most.

So we are prepared (I hope) to help Jack move to the next step in Toddler-hood. We are expecting wet carpets and clothes and probably some tears, but mostly we are expecting success (eventually) from our Little Man!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Sweetie

37 years ago today a very special baby was born onto this earth. He was a quite child, always listening and rarely in trouble. He grew into a handsome man of honor and strength, a man who has committed to serving his country. This man has become a wonderful father, who hugs and cuddles his son every chance he gets, and a loving husband who treats his wife like a queen. This man is my husband, Ian.

Each day I see him, I feel so honored that Ian is my husband...that he is the man I will live out the rest of my life with. We compliment each other perfectly, his reserved side is just the match for my boisterous side. And when I completely lose my mind about something, he is right there calm and level-headed as can be. And now as parents, I am lucky enough to see yet another side of my Man. I knew that Ian had an even softer side, but it wasn't revealed until we brought Jack home. Seeing Ian patiently trying to teach Jack how to put his shoes on the correct way or how to feed Sandie, is so awesome. There was one time I caught a moment of Ian teaching Jack how to was so sweet, my 2 boys leaning towards each other with Ian whispering and Jack just talking a little quieter!

God has given me quite a gift in my husband, and I am so thankful. So here's to you, Sweetie! Happy birthday!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Boxes everywhere!

As Jack likes to say, there are boxes everywhere! There aren't so many now, but we had tons. It's been interesting trying to fit alomst 1600 square feet of house into around 1000. We no longer have a guest bedroom, well I guess we do, we have a pretty comfy sofa-bed. And we effectively no longer have a kitchen...the size of this thing is killing me! We had to buy a cabinet with a hutch for the dining room so we could put our dishes in it, and the biggest cabinet in the kitchen is the one under the sink. I am trying to just remind myself that this is for 3 years, but it sure is hard when I'm trying to cook dinner! Our house is cozy, very cozy. We are allowed to paint so we painted the living and dining rooms last Monday a nice, warm color called Flax. It's made the rooms much more relaxing. Pictures and such are slowly getting on the walls, it is starting to look a lot more like home.

There was a flurry of unpacking the first couple days after we got our stuff, but it has slowed considerably. I know that if we just unpack them we'll be done, but I have very little motivation to open another box of stuff that I have no room for. Our garage is now our storage space and laundry room. Ian did get me a new washer and dryer (the awesome red LG ones), and they rock. I even have a remote monitoring device so I can tell how much time is left and when the cycle is done. Something good did come out of this move!

Jack has been adjusting great, and I love that all his toys are new again! He has been a very happy camper since we set up his train table and got out all his books and puzzles. This morning he did a puzzle all by himself, one that he'd never done by himself before; I am very proud of him! Jack is also learning that he has a sense of humor and likes to use it whenever he can. Today at lunch I put a bit of my lunch on his plate and guarded it with my fork until he said "thank you" (my child will have manners!). He looked at the fork for about 10 seconds while I patiently waited for him, then he turned to me and whispered, "Mommy, what you doing?" I laughed so hard I could barely finish my lunch. Jack did say thank you, though!

The weather here is incredible, but we are going to be getting some record-breaking temps the next few days so I am on the prowl for an air conditioner. Hopefully we can find one today in our budget before we hit the 90s and 100s tomorrow afternoon.