Monday, July 02, 2007

Boxes everywhere!

As Jack likes to say, there are boxes everywhere! There aren't so many now, but we had tons. It's been interesting trying to fit alomst 1600 square feet of house into around 1000. We no longer have a guest bedroom, well I guess we do, we have a pretty comfy sofa-bed. And we effectively no longer have a kitchen...the size of this thing is killing me! We had to buy a cabinet with a hutch for the dining room so we could put our dishes in it, and the biggest cabinet in the kitchen is the one under the sink. I am trying to just remind myself that this is for 3 years, but it sure is hard when I'm trying to cook dinner! Our house is cozy, very cozy. We are allowed to paint so we painted the living and dining rooms last Monday a nice, warm color called Flax. It's made the rooms much more relaxing. Pictures and such are slowly getting on the walls, it is starting to look a lot more like home.

There was a flurry of unpacking the first couple days after we got our stuff, but it has slowed considerably. I know that if we just unpack them we'll be done, but I have very little motivation to open another box of stuff that I have no room for. Our garage is now our storage space and laundry room. Ian did get me a new washer and dryer (the awesome red LG ones), and they rock. I even have a remote monitoring device so I can tell how much time is left and when the cycle is done. Something good did come out of this move!

Jack has been adjusting great, and I love that all his toys are new again! He has been a very happy camper since we set up his train table and got out all his books and puzzles. This morning he did a puzzle all by himself, one that he'd never done by himself before; I am very proud of him! Jack is also learning that he has a sense of humor and likes to use it whenever he can. Today at lunch I put a bit of my lunch on his plate and guarded it with my fork until he said "thank you" (my child will have manners!). He looked at the fork for about 10 seconds while I patiently waited for him, then he turned to me and whispered, "Mommy, what you doing?" I laughed so hard I could barely finish my lunch. Jack did say thank you, though!

The weather here is incredible, but we are going to be getting some record-breaking temps the next few days so I am on the prowl for an air conditioner. Hopefully we can find one today in our budget before we hit the 90s and 100s tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

My dearest friends, I found it so comforting to read the story of your journey west and see the pictures. Y'all look well and happy and that makes me happy. I want pictures of the house next. We miss you terribly. Rose asked yesterday, "Mommy, has it been 3 years yet? Can they come home now?"
Much Love, Tina, Hal, Grace, and Rose

prudentone said...

Keep up the up dates! You have a great attitude! We can relate, and then there are the times that our "stuff" was left in storage and we took what we could carry on the plane (excess baggage) for a year or more.

Talk to you soon!