Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Sweetie

37 years ago today a very special baby was born onto this earth. He was a quite child, always listening and rarely in trouble. He grew into a handsome man of honor and strength, a man who has committed to serving his country. This man has become a wonderful father, who hugs and cuddles his son every chance he gets, and a loving husband who treats his wife like a queen. This man is my husband, Ian.

Each day I see him, I feel so honored that Ian is my husband...that he is the man I will live out the rest of my life with. We compliment each other perfectly, his reserved side is just the match for my boisterous side. And when I completely lose my mind about something, he is right there calm and level-headed as can be. And now as parents, I am lucky enough to see yet another side of my Man. I knew that Ian had an even softer side, but it wasn't revealed until we brought Jack home. Seeing Ian patiently trying to teach Jack how to put his shoes on the correct way or how to feed Sandie, is so awesome. There was one time I caught a moment of Ian teaching Jack how to whisper...it was so sweet, my 2 boys leaning towards each other with Ian whispering and Jack just talking a little quieter!

God has given me quite a gift in my husband, and I am so thankful. So here's to you, Sweetie! Happy birthday!


Hunca Munca said...

Happy birthday to Ian. He shares a birthday with my grandma. :-)What a tribute to your man. How lucky you are!

E.M. Herbert said...

How sweet! Happy birthday, Ian!

Mom & Dad said...

Agree to all that was written about a wonderful God created youngman. Fortunately, we were able to enjoy him for a good few years and then he found a wonderful wife that added a huge amount to our family! Do we get any credit as parents? Nope, the only credit we get is that God aswered our prayers, like with all our wonderful children.

ian said...

thanks sweety you're the BEST.

genderist said...