Saturday, August 25, 2007

Log on to and Baby James!

I am off to Iowa Sunday for the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum. I pretty excited about this event...for the first time cancer is being addressed by the Presidential Candidates. I am anxious to hear how each candidate is going to respond and what their game plan is for putting an end to needless suffering and death caused by cancer. Did you know that cancer is the #1 killer of Americans under age 85?

That's right, #1. And yet action is not being taken to find a cure for the #1 killer. I think it's time.

You can see a live webcast at 10 am CT Monday and Tuesday at:

Also of note, Baby James has received a pretty incredible report! I know how excited I was when I had my first clean scan, but I can't even imagine the joy that James' family is sharing after such a long road. James still hasn't been given an NED (No Evidence of Disease) report, but his prognosis is looking better than before and his family can start to get into a normal life again. And to top it off, they received this news on the 1 year anniversary of when they first met James. Let's hear it for James!!