Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I love that our son joined our family through adoption. It was a long and sometimes difficult process, but at the end we were blessed with a miracle that God arranged over the whole Earth! When you meet other adoptive families, you instantly have this bond that no one outside the adoption community can understand. Whether your process was long or short, in the end what makes your family is love and not biology.

When we were waiting for our referral for Jack, I found a site especially for families adopting from Korea that were using the same agency as us. At first it was nice to know there were others who were struggling with the wait and were eager for our weekly updates from the program coordinator. The longer we waited, the more we leaned on each other for support and we became a family of adoptive family. We each cheered and cried tears of joy for one another when we got our referrals and when our children we able to come home. It was so exciting to find out who got a referral or a travel call...and to find out who else was nesting like crazy! The site isn't as active as it was 2 years ago, but we still post pictures of our sweet children and enjoy sharing the challenges of parenthood.

One of my friends from the site has a dear friend who is waiting to adoption their second child. Because we are all a part of that adoption community, I volunteered to post their website on my cast their net out a little further. This couple has been networking for over a year now in search of a birthmother who desires to make an adoption plan for her child with little success. I hope my little blog can extend their network just a little more and help bring their family together forever.

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