Saturday, September 08, 2007

Finally....a new post!

It appears that I have been delinquent in posting on my blog...bad Mommavia. We have been busy here with the Terrible 2s showing up and a certain handsome boy not napping. That equals an exhausted Momma. I am terrified that he is kicking his afternoon nap...I love being with Jack, but it is nice to know that I have a couple hours of downtime every afternoon. I see that fading away...just like my baby.

Jack has started turning into a little boy, the baby Jack is almost gone. Part of it breaks my heart to see him grow up, but he really is a cheerful child and loves to laugh and make others laugh. He has been doing fantastic with using the potty. He only wears a diaper now at night and rarely has accidents. Each time he goes, he is so proud of himself...I guess it probably helps that I sing a special "potty song" each time, he gets a sticker for his poster, is allowed to choose what color M&M he eats, and gets a Matchbox car each 10 successes and a Curious George book at the end of an accident-free day. Potty training certainly can be expensive!

Now, for the pictures:

Making cookies with our friend Ben.

Enjoying the cookies!

At the zoo with Granpa L. We also went to Sea World when my Dad was here; it is unbelievable how much Jack loves animals of all kinds!

Jack' s new fish tank, he helps feed the fish.

Our can see the fly we threw in the web for him to eat. Russ & Jenni, do you remember feeding the spider at the Ranger Station? Ian thinks it's the same kind of spider.


E.M. Herbert said...

Very sweet pictures. Jack is darling! He seems to be adjusting to his new home pretty well--in good military-brat fashion, I would say, speaking from experience!


Whoo hoo! New pics for our Jack fix. Garrett is concerned that his "best friend" role is being replaced. Guess we'd best get out there soon (can you say a little over a month now?)


prudentone said...

Wonderful news and pics! It appears that my last comments didn't mke it and we wanted to besure that you knew we saw the pics. Next it will be skype video.

Ronda says to just beam Jack over when you need an afternoon break!

genderist said...

It looks like a garden spider to me.
Some people say they're a good omen for your yard. :)

Sweet pics!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! What a cutie. (Jack--not the spider. I hate spiders! Even though I know they eat those pesky bugs...). I like getting a peek at Sandy, too, in that first picture. --Carla

Third Mom said...

These are absolutely great, so cute!!

So many mom blogs have a theme of nostalgia running through them this month. Maybe it's the start of school, or pre-school - I know it was for us, with our son starting college.

It just all has gone by so fast, so enjoy every minute!!

Jim-Bo-Rama said...

In our house we refer to naptime as "Happy Hour" so I can understand that you'd be sad to see it go!

Lovely photos!