Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'ts December 28th in Korea...

And that means I have a 3 year old!

As I celebrate my son's birthday, I cannot help but to think of the woman who carried him for 9 months and the man who stood by her side. Did she hug her belly on Christmas Day knowing the child she carried would soon be born? Did they whisper secrets to their son? Did they know what joy they were bringing to our family by making such a huge sacrifice?

All this week I have been thinking about Jack's birthparents and what a difficult decision they made. Because of their hardship, Ian and I were able to become parents. I am grateful for their sacrifice and I hope that we will raise a son that all four of us will be proud of. So many days I think I do not deserve this wonderful child, and I am saddened that his first parents are not able to be with him and enjoy the son we share.
So as Jack turns 3, I wish for his birthparents to know how loved he is by us and for Jack to know how loved he is by all of us.
Saengil chuka haeyo, Seung Joon-ah!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

As I sit and type I hear Jack in the bathtub saying, "Merry Christmas, Daddy!" He has been asking us everyday for about a week if it is Christmas yet. He also wanted to know if Santa was going to be staying at our house. I think he was disappointed to find out that Santa comes when he is sleeping and he wouldn't see him.

Jack has been quite excited about Christmas. We are doing our best to emphasize this is the celebration of the birth of Christ and Jack is understanding that his and Jesus's birthdays are very close together. When I took the picture of Jack on his big, big bulldozer (his request from Santa), instead of cheese or strawberries, Jack shouted "Jesus!" So something we are saying is getting through!

We hope that each of you has had a wonderful Christmas!