Thursday, February 21, 2008


That's right, we're in Hawaii! And it sure is great to be visiting friends here on Oahu. Jack did incredible on the plane ride and has adjusted pretty well to the time change. It's only 2 hours so it's not too bad. I am enjoying having adult conversation after Jack goes to bed and Jack is enjoying playing with his Sophie! These pictures are from our visit to Dole Pineapple Plantation:
Our 3 year olds!
As Jack says, "This is me with the pineapple on a plant in the dirt. I have my map."
Jack and Sophie loved riding the Pineapple Express to see the pineapple fields

Jen told me the name of this mountain when I took the picture, but I promptly forgot. I will edit if I find out.

Pineapple plants; we were told that a great planter could plant about 10,000 pineapple plants a day! They use the top part of the pineapple.


E.M. Herbert said...

Great pictures! I hope you're having a great time. I was at that pineapple plantation when I was 12--long time ago now. I'd love to go back someday.


So jealous! Miss you guys! Have a great time and thanks for sharing some pics!

Teacher Mom said...

How exciting! Everyone says it's beautiful...enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Now we know why you aren't on Skype in the evening. Have a great time!
Dad & Mom