Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Best of the Best of the Best

The last day that Jack and I were in Hawaii, Jen and I took the kids (2 three year olds and a 1 year old) out to lunch. If you ever done that you know it is quite an adventure! We ate at a fabulous little place on the ocean on Hickam AFB. We saw lots of airplanes and a big Navy ship, lots of fun for the kids!

I ordered food for me and the kids then Jen went up and ordered her food. While she was gone, the food I ordered was ready. I was going to wait until she was back so there wouldn't be 3 unattended children on the patio. Well, apparently I wasn't fast enough because a cook came out and called my number in a very stern voice. I told her I'd be in as soon as my friend returned, I had 3 kids with me.

Since the restaurant was on base, there were lots of military personnel there. Mostly Air Force and Army, with only one Marine. The Marine, who is all of about 20 years old, and likely has no children said, "I'll keep an eye on your kids, Ma'am."

I was floored by this. I was surrounded by older military personnel, a group of women, and a group of grandparent-y type people and it was the lone, young Leatherneck out of all of them that offered to help.

I don't think I have ever been more proud of the Marine Corps than I was at that moment.

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Janice said...

I was cleaning out my email account today and found an old email from you. It was so exciting to read your blog and to see the beautiful pictures of Jack and your family. I pray that all is well for you. I cried when I read your blog about Jack's birth parents missing out on knowing and enjoying your little boy. God blessed Jack by giving him such caring parents and you by giving you a precious son! I'd love to keep in touch. God bless.
Janice Thompson (CDSA)