Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jack is a big brother!

We have had a VERY exciting few weeks in our household! Ian and I have been reviewing the information of a sweet little guy in Korea and are now knee-deep in adoption paperwork! We started the process last fall and planned to share our second adoption plans once we were waiting for a referral. Instead, we spotted a little guy on a waiting child list and fell in love. We requested his file in mid-January and had a couple doctors look over his file. Ian and I knew that this little guy was our second son and waiting for 3 long weeks to find out if Korea felt the same way.

On March 4th, I awoke thinking of Jack and this little guy. Would today be the day we find out? It was the 3rd anniversary of when we'd learned Jack would be our son and that was on my wonderful that evening was! I checked my email and saw I had an email from my contact at the agency (Children's Home Society and Children's Services):
We have the answer. He's yours! Yahoo!

I could barely talk I was so excited. And Ian was smiling ear to ear (which is a feat in itself). Jack is all about being a big brother and has been talking about all the things he can teach his little brother, Sam. We can't post pictures yet, but I can tell you he is a chunky and handsome 14 month old!

I have been waiting to post this exciting news until our families knew. We called my family later that week and made Jack's t-shirt (pictured) to tell Ian's family. The all arrived last Saturday and Carla was the first to notice Jack's hyong shirt (hyong means older brother of a boy in Korean). When Jack turned around, they all saw "I'm a big brother!" on the back. When the evening flight arrived, Jack was already in his pjs and ran out with Sam's picture to share. Everyone was shocked and thrilled at our news!

We hope to be traveling to Korea to bring Sam home in 9 - 13 weeks (late May to mid-June). We will keep you posted on the latest!


Hunca Munca said...

Woo-hoo!!! I know you are thrilled beyond words. :-) I am just jumping for joy for you - and I LOVE Jack's shirt! Where did you get it?

Good luck with that adoption paperwork! Isn't it great to be knee deep in that!?


E.M. Herbert said...

Many congratulations!! If I'm still here at that time, let me take you and your family out to dinner if you have time.

Mommavia said...

I forgot to post that Ian and I made the shirt with iron-on printer paper! I scoured the internet for the Hangul character I needed then printed it onto the paper, then ironed it onto one of Jack's Hanes' shirts!

Teacher Mom said...

Congratulations you guys!! We are so happy for you and your family. Jack looks adorable and the smile on his face just shows how excited he is about being a BIG BROTHER! You're in our thoughts and prayers as you prepare for the coming months. Keep us updated...I can't wait to see pictures!

genderist said...

SO VERY EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Keep us in the loop!