Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was Tagged!

Beckie tagged me. If you are tagged, link your post to the blog that tagged you then tag five new blogs. Have fun!

7 weird/unknown things about me, Cynthia: (courtesy of Mindy)
1. My feet are always cold. It can be 115 degrees and my feet will still be ice cubes. No amount of socks or blankets can keep them warm.
2. I can fit an entire Hostess Ho-Ho into my mouth. I used to be able to eat it then too, but would probably choke now.
3. I was a State Champion hurdler in high school: 2 wins in 100m hurdles and 2 wins in 55m hurdles (indoor track) at the State level.
4. I met Ian at Winthrop when he was talking with a friend of mine and I inserted myself into the conversation so I could meet him. We didn't start dating until a year later, but when we did, I knew I would marry him.
5. I like to organize stuff. My house doesn't always reflect that, but give me a label maker, some file folders, a couple boxes, and I'm in heaven!
6. Grilling is my favorite method of cooking. I want to bake a cake on the grill one day.
7. I will not eat bananas that have brown spots on the skin. The yellower the better, and a hint of green is okay with me!

The 5 bravest things I've ever done (in not particular order): (courtesy of Beckie)
1. Told Ian to call the recruiter after 9/11. After I realized what had happened, I knew that Ian needed to re-enlist in the Marine Corps. We didn't really talk about it because we both knew that he is called to be a Marine.
2. Went to Washington, DC to advocate for funding for cancer research and related legislation. I really enjoy doing it, but it is hard to talk to the people who are running our country and get your point across in less than 3 minutes without their eyes glazing over. A simple gesture to my scar while I share my story does wonders for that though.
3. Became a mother. Sure it looks all fun and game and snuggles, but there are times when it feels like you are being pecked to death by chickens. It is the most difficult thing I have ever done but also the most rewarding. I wouldn't trade it for the world!
4. Decided to share my story whenever I can. When I was diagnosed with cancer I knew no young adults that had battled it. Now, I try to make sure that nearly everyone I meet knows my story so that I may help another young adult with their battle as well. Having some one that has been there, done that always makes it easier to keep your dukes up.
5. Fought cancer (and kicked it's ass). I personally don't think it's so brave because honestly, did I have a choice? It wasn't something I chose to do, but I did choose how I would react to it. And having a good outlook made the battle a bit more interesting.

I am tagging:
Teacher Mom


Teacher Mom said...

Oh, geez - thanks Cynthia! :-) This sounds really neat! I promise I'll do it but it will be a few weeks. When baseball games start Monday we are going nonstop through the end of the school year (that would be 39 days away - not that I'm keeping track or anything). 2-3 games a week plus extra practices, Ella preparing for dance recital, Abby's graduation the first week of May (can you believe my little sister is going to be DR. ABBY?), Ella's 4th birthday at the end of May, plus report cards, and shutting down my classroom. It will get's on my list.

Michael and Erin said...

Okay, I'm admitting to being a moron!! :) What am I supposed to do now that I've been tagged?


I tagged you for this because I wanted to see what the bravest people I know do that they themselves consider brave. You are my hero!

genderist said...

Wow. Bravery... I'm going to have to think about that one for a bit.