Friday, May 16, 2008

Update! Update!

What a difference 10 months makes! Sam is now 16 months old, 31", and a bit over 24 lbs. And he's leaving the baby behind! I love that he is growing so much and doing so fabulous, but it makes me even more anxious to meet him!

We got a fabulous update about him and Sam is growing and thriving (as you can see!). I am a bit afraid he is going to eat us poor...he takes five 8 ounces bottles in addition to 3 meals a day at the table! He also loves cookies and will point to where they are kept in the kitchen and ask his foster mother for them.

Sam also enjoys being outside. When he is ready to go out, he will stand by the door with his socks and shoes and call "Umma! Appa!" while he tries to put on his socks and shoes. After he gets his diaper changed, he runs away...a trick his big brother did about that age! He appears to be meeting all the developmental milestones for his age. I wasn't concerned about that, but it is nice to know he isn't behind!

After reading the report, I felt so good...not only that we got more information about our son, but I know that his foster family loves him so much! There is no doubt in my mind that Sam is being cared for by a loving and incredible family. Sam seems to be a happy child which I attribute to the love and care of his foster family. I am looking forward to meeting them as well.

Jack is more than excited to meet Sam now. After seeing the pictures yesterday he wanted to know when Sam's paperwork would be done, "I can't wait to meet him, Mom!" Jack has come up with several more things to teach Sam, including how to do thumbs up. I never could had predicted this reaction out of Jack! There is a chance Jack may be more excited than me and Ian about bringing Sam home!

At this point in the process, all the stateside of the paperwork is done. We are waiting for Korea to finish up their documents and then Sam's immigration Visa can be applied for and issued.

Hurry, hurry! We are ready for our toddler!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tick tock, tick tock...

Something today has gotten me especially anxious about getting Sam home. Don't know what it is, but I am ready to have him home yesterday!

Maybe it's Jack coming up with new things every day that he wants to teach Sam.

Or that I pulled out Jack's old clothes and stuffed them into the's to the brim with 12-18 and 18-24 mo clothes and Jack's...because we still don't know what size he's wearing .

Or that today Jack was tickling a picture of Sam and said he can't wait to tickle him .

Or maybe I'm just tired of waiting.

Yeah, that's probably it.

I am ready any time. Do not keep me waiting.

~John Mason Brown

Sam we are ready for soon as Korea let's us, we'll be on our way!