Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 1 - Meeting Sam

We arrived safely in Seoul after a long flight and all slept good...until a little after 4 am. We laid in bed as long as we could keep Jack there, then got up to start the day. After Ian blew up my hairdryer (with the adapter) we headed down to breakfast. The buffet was wonderful and Jack was a hit with the staff and guests. It's nice to see that his charm extends 'round the world!

And then it was time to meet Sam Yoosung! We took a taxi, which Jack loved; it was really neat to see so much of Seoul. When we were here 3 years ago, we rode the subway so much that we didn't get to just ride around and take it in, so the taxi was a treat for all 3 of us! We arrived at SWS, met Sam's case worker then headed to his foster family's home. It was so neat to see where he has been living for the last year and an honor to be invited in his foster family's home. As hard as the travel is to get here, being able to see where he has been living, meet his foster mother, and talk with her is worth more!

Yoosung is a very happy boy who definitely has an opinion. Sam isn't shy, but wasn't too sure about me when I tried to touch his hand. He warmed up a little more after 15 minutes or so and then wanted me to stroke his hair when he did something good (Jack and Sam were stacking blocks and Sam did a good job). Jack and Sam got along great and were so cute playing two sons were playing together! Jack was so sweet, kept wanting to hold Sam's hand and always let him have a turn first.

Say kimchi! Sam is a very smiley boy!

My sons, Sam Yoosung and John Seung Joon, the first of many cute pictures together!

Sam is very curious and wanted to check out my camera and Ian with the video camera.

Sam was opening and shutting the side door. We learned how to tell him no today, an do.

After meeting with Sam and his foster mother, we headed back to the agency and got to visit the baby's home. It's where babies spend the first couple months of their lives and where Sam lived until he joined his foster family. Sam was very much loved by the staff there and when they heard he had a family, they were all overjoyed. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to all these women who have cared for Yoosung and helped him turn into the happy, curious boy he is.

We cannot wait to see Sam again, especially Jack. He was crying this evening because he wanted Sam! We'll have to wait four more days to see him again; Monday, June 16, Sam Yoosung will become ours forever!


Nancy said...


He's gorgeous!!! I'm happy the boys warmed up to one another quickly. I began to cry when I read the boys were holding hands! So precious!!!!


Jennifer Lundstrum said...

Thanks for the update and pictures. I want to squish those cheeks. The boys are adorable together. They will have many adventures together out! :)

Give the YOUR BOYS a hug from us here in Georgia!!!

Jessica said...

Oh Cynthia, LOVE the pics. Your family is adorable. I can't wait until Sam is back in your arms forever.

PS want to hop on over to ESWS and take hand deliver our tax forms to the embassy, so they will schedule Noah's Visa? lol Enjoy your time in Seoul!!

Melissa said...

Both of your boys are so beautiful! I'm glad that the trip is going well. We were just there in February, and it was amazing.

Laura said...

I've been waiting for this update! Wow, two boys... I can't wait to meet Sam!!!


Vissers family, we are all just so overjoyed for you all. I am saving that first photo of your two boys together to my computer -- YOUR TWO BOYS!

Enjoy your visit and all the sights. We'll be here waiting anxiously for your return!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Sam and Jack together brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for you guys! And I can't wait to meet Sam!