Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 2 - Itaewon and Meeting with Jack's Foster Mom

This morning we went to Itaewon, a shopping district near the US Army base. We went there when we traveled for Jack and wanted to visit a few of the shops we had before. One of them was no longer there and the other shop was unattended (a street booth). We will be going back to visit the booth to get a name scroll made for Sam and name chops made for both boys. We had fun walking around and taking everything in. Went into Hamilton shopping center and bought a few souvenirs. Then we headed over to Holt, Korea offices to meet with Jack's foster mother.

After we received the travel call for Sam, I contacted WACAP to see if they would be able to set up a meeting for us with Jack's foster mother. We found out the day before we left that we would be able to see her. What a treasure meeting with Mrs. Park was! Somewhere in the communication, it was lost that Jack was going to be with us. When we arrived at the Holt, Korea office she happened to be by the door and she shouted, "Seung Joon-ee!" It brought tears to my eyes! It was obvious that she was very excited to see him and after we sat down with a Holt staff person, Mr. Kim, it was explained why she was so surprised.

We had a lovely visit talking about Jack and how he has been. Mrs. Park said that she really remembers him because he was such a smart baby, and that has continued to be true about our Seung Joon. I had several pictures printed out and burned a CD full of them for her and also had a few little gifts for her. She bought a cute outfit for Jack that he'll grow into (she commented that he is small, something we get a lot!). There are really no words to explain how wonderful it was to see her and talk with her. Jack had to use the restroom and while Mr. Kim showed Ian where to take him, Mrs. Park and I sat holding hands and smiling at one another. Nothing needed to be said, we both knew what the other was thinking, Thank you for this opportunity.

As we were leaving, Mrs. Park and the 3 of us walked out together. She took us into a little convenience store about bought us all ice cream and Jack a juice. I tried to say no, but she insisted. I felt quite honored that she wanted to do something for us, when it was her that did so much for our son. And as she handed Jack the ice cream, he said his first Korean word kamsahamnida, thank you. I don't think Mrs. Park realized it was the first time he said it, but she smiled very big at Jack when he said it, and in my heart I know he was saving it for her.


Jennifer Lundstrum said...

What a wonderful gift for Jack and everyone there. He is old enough to hold that memory forever.

Enjoy your travel.


What a wonderful gift/memory. Chris and I are tearing up reading your post. We miss y'all so much but are so excited for you. Bring us those two boys quickly!

Anonymous said...

That encounter with Mrs. Park is something you'll remember forever. I'm so glad you all got to see her--especially Jack.


Mike & Erin said...

This was so cool to read. What a treasure for all of you!

Laura said...

There you go making me cry again. What a blessing to be able to spend time with Mrs. Park. How neat that Jack saved his firs Korean "Thank you" for her!!! Can't wait to see the next update!

Michael and Erin said...

I love reading about the fun and memorable things you guys are doing while you're in Korea!

Riley's foster mom was also a Mrs. Park (I know that it is a common name, but how neat if they both had the same foster mom!). We'll have to compare pictures!

Can't wait to hear that Sam is in your arms for good!! Hope you bring some referrals home with you!!!