Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 4 - Father's Day, Itaewon again, with Forum Friends

What Father's Day is complete without a lunch at Outback? And in Korea? We learned that the Outback here is superior to the Outbacks back home. First of all, Jack got actual silverware made for kids! Each time we got to Outback at home, Jack ends with with a huge spoon he can barely fit in his mouth. The menu also had lots of things the menu doesn't have back home. And it was open for lunch and not because it was Mother's of Father's Day! We like the Outback in Itaewon!

And Jack did the Sprinkler for Father's Day! Hope it was a good day, Daddy!
Today we met Christa and Steve again and also met another couple from the adoption forum, Melissa and Scott. We all went into Itaewon together and Ian and I were the tour guides. We each did a bit of shopping and a lot of chatting! Christa and Melissa are meeting their kids tomorrow and were oozing with the excitement of that. With us picking up Sam tomorrow, there was plenty of excitement from us too! Christa, Melissa, and I were gabbing like a bunch of middle school girls and the guys chatted quitely behind us. Each of us are glad that the stress of the waiting is just about to an end and are looking forward to the next stages of our families.


Edited to add a brag on my oldest son.

This trip has been hard, emotionally and physically. We have done a lot, seen a lot, walked a lot. And Jack has kept up the best he can. He's had only 1 major meltdown (at the palace yesterday) and has had a smile on his face just about the entire time! We have learned that Jack is a very good traveler and can be pushed beyond his limits. I am so proud of Jack with how well he has done thus far with all the change, travel, different foods, and excitement. Way to go, Son!


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Dad & Mom

Jennifer Lundstrum said...

Happy Father's Day Ian....Father to TWO adorable boys!!!