Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Forever Family

What a very emotional day for us! I have more pictures, but did not include them to protect the foster mother's privacy. It was very obvious that Yoosung is well loved by all at SWS. Many case workers stopped by to say something to Sam and our case worker made us promise that we'd email when got home. She wants to make sure Yoosung is home safe and sound.

Sam wasn't sure about us at first, but warmed up pretty quickly to Jack. Sam knew something was going on, but not really sure what. We played for about 45 minutes, then met some of the people who helped us bring Sam home. When it was time for us to leave, I could barely hold it together. I couldn't believe that it was really happening, we were adding another boy to our family but I was feeling so sad for Yoosung, his foster mother, and all the people who have gotten to know and love him. Our night went better than I expected. As soon as we got back, Jack and Sam played then we joined another family for dinner. Sam didn't want to eat, so I walked around outside with him. We gave the boys baths tried together at first but Sam didn't know what to do in the tub. Jack tried his best to show him, but Sam wanted the sink (where he was bathed by his foster mother). I carried Sam around on my back to get him to sleep and both boys slept great all night! Each woke once, Jack to potty and Sam had a bit of a meltdown. But all in all our first night as a family was fairly smooth.

Welcome home, Sam Yoosung! We are so glad we are all together!


Hunca Munca said...

Congratulations! What a deep joy it is to see your long-awaited son join his forever family. Treasure these memories. :-)


Message for Jack from Garrett with Mom transcribing -- Jack, you good big brother. Show Sam all the fun we can have. Give him lots of love when he is sad. See you tomorrow!

Message for Sam from Elena with Mom transcribing -- Sam scared. It's okay. Jack care of you. Momma CiCi good Mommy. Ian fun. See you soon.

Momma CiCi can't wait to share some tears of joy with you! Congratulations being shouted to the moon to carry to you.

Pico said...

Ian and Cynthia! I love it! I could just cry, this is wonderful. I am going to start a blog, as Dave and I are moving to Lake Forest Illinois, outside of Chicago next month. We are buying my mom's house and will live near her (she has a condo in Chicago) and my sister is 3 miles away from our house. I have something for you, and LOVE seeing your family. You are a beautiful mother...I can not only see the joy, but I can FEEL it! PS I'm still captivated by that show Carrier. Ian should be on it...not that I want him to go away from you and the boys...but it would be hilarious to see him on TV. Love, Pico