Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day, Jack!

3 years ago today we became a family of three! It was a day filled with mixed emotions...joy for us that we were gaining a son, sadness for Jack's foster family, joy for Jack that he was gaining a forever family, sadness for Jack's birthmother, sadness for Jack that he was leaving the only home he'd ever known. It was a hard evening for all 3 of us, the day he joined our family; Ian and I were brand new parents and Jack was confused about what was going on. There was lots of tears, both happy and sad, but soon he learned to trust us and we learned to decode his 5 month old cries.

And today as we celebrate being a family, I realize that Jack is starting to understand what adoption means. I am not so certain that he grasps the loss he experienced, but I do know he is grasping the concept of growing in his Omma's tummy and us being his forever family. I know that Sam's adoption process has helped with his understanding and I hope that Jack will be able to share his knowledge with Sam. I hope too, that I am able to help them along this confusing path and allow them experience whatever emotion they need.

As I remember the day Jack was placed in my arms, I can't help but to smile. As the social worker explained to me what was in our blue bag, Jack laid his head on my shoulder. The world disappeared and it was just me and my child. I was finally a mother, and my child was cozying up to me, his forever mommy.

Happy Gotcha Day, John Seung Joon! I am so glad that we got you and you got us.

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