Sunday, August 03, 2008

Busy, busy month!

Oh my goodness we have been busy! Having 2 boys certainly makes interesting and FUN days! Once I am asleep at night, I am sleeping pretty soundly! We have had a few visitors since Sam's parents surprised us at the airport when we arrived home in addition to Alethea (Ian's older sister); Ian's parents came a couple weeks later; and our friend Migum and her son Blas came this week. We haven't seen Migum and Blas for 3 years so it was nice to catch up. Blas and Jack are just 4 months apart and they got along great! We can't wait to see them again. And Migum taught us a hand game that Korean mommies play with their babies...Sam Yoosung was sure glad we learned that! His eyes lit up when Migum started doing it! These last 6 weeks have been a blur of fun, crying, frustration, playing, Sea World, playgroup, cleaning, and more fun! Settling into being a family of 4 has been an adjustment for all of us but we are figuring it out.

Sam's attachment and adjustment are going so well. He is so comfortable and is understanding most of what we say now. He has been picking up the signing very fast and is using the signs a lot. He is a very smiley child and is quite curious. Jack is easing into his big brother role very well. He enjoys helping me get a bottle for Sam and always makes sure that Sam has plenty to eat. Jack can also open the fridge by himself and can turn the lights on with the light switch! He is getting big!

Enjoy the slide show!