Monday, November 24, 2008

It's the buttons, Mom!

Since Ian had his meniscus repair last Thursday, he's been sitting around...a lot. He The boys have enjoyed having jobs to do, especially taking things to Ian. Sam takes great pride in delivering a water bottle or tissue to Ian, giving himself a big round of applause afterward. Yesterday morning, Ian was snuggling with the boys and one of the blankets. Jack decided they needed to go camping.

As all three of them hid under the blanket a conversation started about seeing bears while camping. They were camping in bear country and Jack decided he needed to wear bear clothes.

"Bear clothes, Jack? What are they for?" I couldn't wait to hear his reply, his imagination is red-hot right now!

"They're for protection, Mom."

"What about the clothes protects you from the bears?"

"The buttons protect us. It's the buttons, Mom!"

Of course, the buttons, what was I thinking?!