Sunday, January 08, 2012

Painting our Bedroom

After living in our house for over a year and having multiple paint colors tested on the walls, I finally decided what to do! The room is large and I didn't want to feel swallowed by a single color so we chose two complementary colors and painted them on opposing walls. We used Valspar Leafy Rise (the green) and Lyndhurst Timber.
New paint colors!
Our bedroom feels so warm and cozy now. I love it! But after getting all the walls painted, I decided the gold outlet covers and switch plates had to go. I do not like shiny gold in my house. Yuck.
Outlet cover before: ugly gold.
 We are renting our house do I didn't want to invest much into it, so spray paint was my answer! I scuffed up the surface of the plate and the head of the screws with steel wool and sprayed away. I stuck the screws into a piece of cardboard so I could spray paint them easier. I used Valspar Metallic Silver. I think they look great!
Outlet cover after: awesome silver!
Now that the walls are wonderfully warm, I need to find a great duvet to go with. The job has been much more difficult that I thought. Any ideas?

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genderist said...

Anything neutral will look great.