Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here we go again...

So it's been a bit over 3 years since I've had a real check-up for my thyroid cancer. It was the end of 2008, and I had a whole body scan (WBS) and labs run with Thyrogen.com. Both came back great...my WBS was clear and my tumor marker (thyroglobulin, or Tg, is a protein made my thyroid cells) was undetectable. My endocrinologist sent me off with a pat of my head and to see him next year.

I never got to go back and see him for the testing because I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009, and then got pregnant with Ryan in early 2010. Also couldn't do the testing while I was breastfeeding so now here we are in 2012 and getting it done.

I got the Thyrogen shots at the end of February so I could have a WBS and Tg tested without going on my Synthroid (being severely hypothyroid is NO fun!). The WBS came back clean, which was a great relief to me. But we still needed to wait on those pesky labs to come back.

I hate when doctors will allow their nurses to leave the labs results on your voicemail. Because when the doctor that leaves a message to call back, you know it's crappy news. My Tg is elevated (2.2 for you curious ones). It's not much, but it's enough to know that my thyroid cancer is back. Undetectable to 2.2 is completely unsatisfactory in my book!

Tomorrow I'll be having a CT of my neck and chest and an ultrasound of my neck to see if they can find anything in there. If they do find something, they will biopsy it or maybe to a PET scan. If not, we'll likely have to wait for it to grow. So as insanely crazy as it sounds, finding something would be good just so I can get it out and be done.

In case you didn't know, CANCER SUCKS!


Beckie M said...

You will kick this! You will kick this! You will kick this to the curb! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Just because we haven't talked in three years, doesn't mean that I'm not still your personal cheerleader. Rooting for you from across the country, and from around the world!

Love you!

The Captain's Daughter said...

Sending you love, support and prayers for a full and speedy recovery. And, for cancer to leave you alone, once and for all!