Friday, March 16, 2012

Sometimes it's okay to be okay

This week has felt so long for me. Waiting for Wednesday's tests and then waiting Thursday for results. My phone was at my side at all times...I didn't even shower in fear of missing THE phone call. Cancer makes you do crazy things.

So here's what I learned:

The CT of the neck and chest both came back normal. The ultrasound of my neck, however, showed one lymph node that increased in size from 2.0 cm to 2.4 cm since February 2011. Not a huge change but a bit concerning and with the rise in Tg makes it suspicious. I was given three options: wait and see, biopsy the node, or surgery.
I decided on a fourth option...go to a thyroid cancer expert.

When I asked her about that, she was less than thrilled. She is a general endocrinologist and I need someone who does thyroids day in and day out. Who knows more about the disease than I do. I want some one who knows what to do, not give me three options even she isn't sure about. So as long as my insurance okays the referral, I'll be going to Johns Hopkins.

This recurrence doesn't change my's still a pretty normal life expectancy. And I actually do feel better knowing there really isn't a big honking tumor in there. Even though my Tg is a bit elevated, this is likely microscopic disease and there really isn't much to be done right now. So overall it's okay news. And amazingly I am okay with that.

But now I am back to living with cancer. And that part isn't okay.

Good thing I just got a new pair of running shoes, they are going to be logging lots of miles.
Brooks Trance 11 - my new shoes!


Jackie said...

run with it, Cynthia. Your proactive appraoch is to be admired!!

jener30 said...

I got your VM- but dont have a phone number!!! Call me again. Brice was looking tnru FB (is about 6 months behind) and found your post. PLEEEEEEEZ call me again.

Laura Cardner said...

My cousin Becky Agnew (Cato) sent your blog to me as we both 'blog' about cancer. 1) Love the rest of your blog about family. 2) You have a great attitude and will attack this with the vigor you seem to approach life. God speed!