Tuesday, August 07, 2012


When we traveled to Michigan a few weeks ago, I suspected it would be the last time I would see my Grandpa. He was diagnosed with leukemia last year and lung cancer earlier this year. And he recently celebrated his 90th birthday. I knew his time on earth was ending, but I didn't realize it would be so soon. We made another trip to Michigan last week after learning that Grandpa was not responding to medication for high blood pressure and antibiotics for pneumonia. Did I mention he also had part of his lung removed and was going through chemo? Grandpa is one tough cookie, but the multiple ailments proved to be too much for his body. Grandpa peacefully left this earth on August 1st. He lived for 32,905 days.

July 14th - the last time Grandpa would go fishing.
Taken at Grandpa's pond he built himself.

The sadness is overwhelming to say the least. Having some one close to you die is hard, but for me knowing that it was cancer that lead to all of this makes me scared. Even though our cancers are different, it still shakes me to my core. It reminds me once again how fragile life is and how devastating cancer can be. That I could be taken from my family in a moment.

Today is the 12,411th day of my life, just over a third of Grandpa's days. I have many more days to go and will not live them in fear.


genderist said...

Hugs for you my friend.

Thandi said...

Wishing you comfort and peace.

Jessica Smith said...

Thinking of you during this difficult time. I had to say goodbye to a friend last year when she passed away from breast cancer. I felt the death particularly hard I think because of my experiences with thyroid cancer. It is never easy to lose a loved one and I think it is really hard when you identify with their journey.

Anonymous said...

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