Friday, August 24, 2012


Today was my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. I was halfway expecting to go in there and him to say that the only way to deal with the tear was surgery, but he didn't! Since it's not bothering me and I have no pain, he doesn't want to mess with it. Fine with me! But if it does start bothering me later then I will probably need surgery. I was very relived to hear that surgery isn't in my immediate future. A year without surgery is a good year in my house!

Since I have no pain or distinct injury, he was kind of confused how we found this. I explained about the possible stress fracture that lead to the MRI of my knee which lead to finding the tear. He did an x-ray to see if he could see something since the MRI was not of that area of my leg. There is a small area of inflammation but nothing else. He can't rule out a stress fracture and gave me the option to do physical therapy and low impact cardio for a couple weeks to see if it improves or to do another MRI now. Which I wouldn't be able to schedule until next week and it may take a week to get it done.

So I am going the PT and low impact cardio route, which is basically what I have been doing. If it doesn't get better in two or three weeks then I'll be sent for another MRI. But honestly, after the last couple weeks of sporadic to no running that tender spot has improved. It doesn't hurt when I walk and you have to kind of dig around to find the tender area. So I am thinking a few more weeks of no much as it kills me not to run...will probably be a good thing. And while I was in with the ortho I mentioned my plantar faciitis and he decided to have me do some PT for that too. Good, I'll just get my whole leg fixed!

I asked if it was too optimistic of me to expect to be able to at least walk the Nike Women's Half Marathon on October 14th. The doctor said there was no doubt that cardio-wise I'd be fine, we just need to make sure I won't damage my leg doing it. He didn't give me a definite yes and seemed to want to answer that question when I see him after a couple weeks of PT. I can live with that.

While I am still bummed that I can't lace up my new Brooks yet (got them the day before the no running order and they are so pretty! And yes, I did just describe my running shoes as pretty!), I am thrilled that I can get back to the rest of my normal workout routine.


Anonymous said...
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Madalyn Oconnell said...

Any updates on your condition, Cynthia? I know that it is a bummer that you received the no-running order after you got your Brooks. But with your doctor’s instruction and treatment plan, I know that you will be able to lace-up your Brooks, and do some marathon soon! Keep us posted!

Cynthia said...

PT helped with my mysterious leg pain, but we never found a distinct cause. After the Nike Half, I found out I have a heel spur so I took it easy with more PT and a few weeks off around Christmas. I have been slowly getting back out there and doing very well! Super Feet inserts + KT Tape has been helping.