Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ouch, sort of

I've had a pain in my left upper shin for about 6 weeks now, maybe longer. It's much worse after running and when I've taken a few days off (either on purpose or because of travel/doctor's orders/life) the pain has lessened. But it's in one distinct spot. A few weeks ago I decided to get it checked out just to stay on top of things. My primary doctor thought it was likely a stress fracture and wanted to do an MRI to confirm. He wanted to me stop running for a week, so I agreed to cut my distance until it was confirmed. I'm usually good at following doctor's orders but the pain wasn't that bad. He didn't disagree but I think realized that I'd run even if he told me otherwise.

Turned out I only ran twice in between that appointment and the MRI because of travel to Michigan again. When the MRI was done my entire lower leg wasn't imaged, only my knee. Which was frustrating but turned out to be a good thing since I have a tear in my left medial meniscus.

Ummm, what?! 

I am really on no running orders now. I have no pain and can't remember a knee injury...except for a few days in San Diego years ago that one of my knees bothered me, but I can't even be sure it was my left one. I see ortho Friday to find out what can be done. So I've been biking which is turning out to be a pain in the rear, literally. I need to get some better bike shorts if I have to keep this up!

And that possible stress fracture? Still don't know for sure, but my primary doc is pretty convinced that it is in fact a stress fracture resulting from my jacked up meniscus. Wonderful.


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