Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TNT, I'm Dynamite!

After a couple weeks off from running due to holiday chaos and an attempt to help my plantar fasciitis and heel spur heal a bit, I am back at it! I've been pain free in my heel for over 3 weeks now and while I know I'm not healed, I am hoping I am on the right path.

In an effort to make my running mean something more than a break to me (don't get me wrong, my kids having a sane mom is very important!) I joined Team in Training! I will be running the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington, DC, on April 28th with TNT and raising funds for life saving research for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I am thrilled for the opportunity to make each one of my steps count...to have this training and race be honoring the memories of my dear, late grandfathers, and to help to an end leukemia and lymphoma.

Poppa, me, and Ian, July 2000
Poppa, my maternal grandfather, passed in November 2001 while battling lymphoma. He was able to meet his first great-grandchild (my nephew) earlier that year, and I will cherish the memory of Poppa cradling my nephew in his arms and singing to him. Poppa was a kind and generous man who loved music. He always had his drum set up and was happy to sit with his grandchildren to play. 10 grandchildren plus drum set, some how did not equal tons of racket! I have fond memories of me and my cousins wiggling in our beds at the cottage on Lake Michigan, while Poppa crawled on hands and knees singing "Sleepy Bear." Even though Poppa lived a long and full life, I would give anything to have one more hug...to hear him call me "Cindy" one more time.

Grandpa and me, July 2012.
Grandpa, my paternal grandfather, passed in August 2012 while battling leukemia and lung cancer. He was a farmer and made maple syrup. Grandpa loved the outdoors and enjoyed using its resources. As my brother said the day of Grandpa's funeral, "The day he died, all the fish and deer in Michigan breathed a sigh of relief." No matter how tired he was through his treatments, he could muster up just enough energy to go fishing at the pond if just for 10 minutes.The pond he made, by the way. I have so many great memories of exploring the barns and fields with my brother and cousin. We spent countless hours at the pond fishing, whether it be summer or winter. I never again will be given that proud smile from Grandpa when I catch a fish, even if it wasn't big enough to keep. Cancer took him from our lives much too soon. 90 years is a very long time, but how can that be enough for the people that love him?

Once during high school, when both sets of grandparents were visiting our house, I came home to Grandpa and Poppa chopping down a huge forsythia that covered the side of our garage. My mom wanted it trimmed, but they had their own idea and it was about 3 feet tall when they were done. The forsythia branches we strewn throughout the side yard and I knew that wasn't what my mom had in mind. But Grandpa and Poppa knew what they were doing and it grew back beautifully the next year.

These two wonderful men are my reason for joining Team in Training. While I have many great memories with them, there are many families who may miss those opportunities with their loved ones. I want to help them have more time. My goal is to raise $3400 by April 1st and I am asking you to help by clicking HERE or on the widget on the top left to visit my fundraising page. I thank you in advance for your support and encouraging your friends and family to support TNT as well.

To learn more about TNT and LLS, please visit their websites:
Team in Training
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
My Fundraising Page

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