Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TNT: What will my donation do?

Running is going well. I am still pain free and am being kind to myself by still taking it slow with a run/walk interval. I braved the chill today (25 degrees here, very cold for me!) and enjoyed beautiful blue skies and was rewarded with a bald eagle on my run! It appeared just as I was heading up a huge hill and I took it was a sign to push on. I got to the top and headed home with a frozen face. But after thawing out, I was relishing the post-run feeling of doing something good for me. And knowing in turn, I am doing it to do something good for someone else.
I am now at 20% of my fundraising and am hoping to over 50% on February 15th. Are you ready to give lifesaving funds? Maybe not just yet...sometimes people, including myself, are reluctant to donate to an organization, especially if they don't know where the funds are going. I hope to clear that up for you! 
What Will My Donation Do?
Encourage scientists to pursue blood cancer research. Grants to young scientists help grow research talent even as federal research funding becomes increasingly limited.
Develop "targeted therapies" that kill cancer cells selectively. By hitting specific molecular targets, these treatments don't harm patients' healthy cells, resulting in fewer dangerous side effects.
Test immunotherapies. Immunotherapies strengthen a patient's own immune system so it can better fight infections and attack cancer cells, reducing the need for damaging chemotherapy.
Improve the safety of today's cures. LLS funds research to predict, manage and prevent complications in patients most at risk for long-term and late effects of treatment.
Help patients and their families make informed decisions. LLS supplies information and counseling to help guide patients through their cancer journey and access current treatment and clinical trial options.  
Provide financial aid and co-pay assistance. A cancer diagnosis is hard enough without having to deal with its financial burden. We provide programs to help relieve the economic strain of a blood cancer diagnosis.
Offer community services. Among the wide array of programs LLS provides are those that link newly diagnosed patients with trained volunteers and that help young cancer patients return to school after an absence resulting from treatment. 
Encourage our state and federal legislators to support blood cancer issues. With your help, LLS brings to the attention of lawmakers the urgent need for increased government funding and support of research and patient access to affordable treatment and quality care.
source: http://www.lls.org/#/waystohelp/whygive/
My Grandpa was a fortunate recipient of help from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for over a year. The financial of strain of cancer treatments was reduced because of the aid Grandpa received from LLS. For 3 months, the drug Gleevec was was completely paid for and his health insurance was covered from 2011 until his death in 2012.

Help like that cannot happen unless there are others who are willing to give! Please consider donating today (click here to donate!) so that someone's Grandpa, Grandma, sister, brother, mom, dad, son, daughter, cousin, aunt, uncle, or friend is able to receive help to get them through the battle of their lives.
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elsie winheim said...

Hi! I just found your blog:) It is truly inspiring all that you've through. I am curious about your experience adopting a child with congenital cataracts. Would you be willing to answer some questions?

Cynthia said...

Absolutely, Elsie! You can email me at mommavia at gmail dot com