Friday, March 01, 2013


This week has been a good week for me. Very good. I've been able to get all my workouts in so far, had an awesome 5 miler with hubby on Wednesday (didn't have to push the stroller and had quality time with him!!), and have received some very special donations. And I will reach 50% of my goal this week!!!

VA Runner branded merchandise, like my shirt in this pic, will support LLS this month!

VA Runner, you know my running store, has started a Charitable Community Program. Each month they will donate 10% of all sales of VA Runner branded merchandise to a worthy cause. The month of March they have chosen to donate to my cause, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have been overwhelmed by their support of my efforts (we are in this together!) and am overwhelmed that a cause that is important to me is the recipient of their Charitable Community Program!

Yesterday at breakfast, Jack and Sam were asking me questions about my fundraising efforts. I realized I hadn't given them many details and so I took the opportunity to share why I chose LLS and what all these donations will do. They were eager to help right away and wanted to empty our their piggy banks. I loved their enthusiasm but also want them to be thoughtful about their donations now and in the future. So I told them that they would be able to help me ask for donations one day at VA Runner. The boys were thrilled with that idea. And they also decided they were going to donate all the coins they find on the ground to LLS.

Fast forward to pick up after school. My 8 year old jumps in the car and excitedly hand me this:
Life saving. Yes, even a penny can make a difference!

I was confused about why my son, who saves every last cent to buy Legos, would be handing this to me. The he told me what it was. "It's for your donations, Mom."

I thought it was very sweet he was keeping good on his word from that morning. Until he told me that it was from his friend "who wanted to help people with cancer but that's all he had."

I was overwhelmed.

So that penny, while it might not look like much, is literally life saving. That 2nd grader gave all he had so someone he doesn't know can get the support and care they need to battle cancer.

Small steps have been taken this week that have had a big impact. Wow! 

Do you wish to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? Please visit my fundraising page here to help blood cancer Survivors!


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Ok- I just went through your blog- linked from Thyca. Our stories are so similar but I am just starting this journey. I was diagnosed while living in Germany and hubby was on his third deployment. I have been through two surgeries- including a neck dissection. 44 positive nodes so far and now still another one showing up. My tg is 2.3. I am glad to see someone who understands this journery!